Sexual Problems

Sexual problems are incredibly common and can happen to anybody at any stage of life causing distress, anxiety and relationship problems. Sexual problems and concerns are also hard to talk about, sex can be a sensitive issue, and a lack of communication can make matters worse and problems appear insurmountable.

  • It may be that you are just not in the mood for sex anymore.
  • You might be finding sex painful, making intercourse difficult or even impossible to achieve (dyspareunia, vulvodynia or vaginisimus).
  • Sexual arousal may be difficult to achieve or maintain resulting in problems getting or maintaining an erection (for men) or lubricating enough to make sex pleasurable (for women).
  • Orgasm happens long before you would like it to or does not happen at all (rapid or delayed ejaculation and anorgasmia).
  • Sex is surrounded by fear and anxiety (sexual aversion, phobias and avoidance).
  • There may have been a general breakdown of your sexual relationship and you would like to explore how it can be part of your life again.
  • You may want to explore your sexual or gender identity.

Seeking help with a sexual problem can be hard to do. It can seem much easier to ignore it and hope it will resolve itself. Sometimes it may, but in those cases where it persists or impacts upon confidence, self-esteem or a happy couple relationship, there is professional help available.

If you have any concerns about your sexual life that you feel unable to overcome alone, then you may benefit from psychosexual therapy.